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We love photography. It's really that simple. And in everything that we do, we want to help you find and nourish your passion for photography. We believe photography has the ability to transform our lives - to be fun first - and to help us reach our full potential as talented, creative human beings.


Confidence takes education. We want each and every person who comes through our doors (be it as a student, or a member of our community), to reach their photography dreams - whatever they are. So we put education first. We are here to help teach you - in a way that makes sense.


Photography connects people. We should know! In the 10 years we've been teaching people in our hands-on and interactive courses, we've grown a community of like-minded individuals who are always there to support one another. It's not a lonely journey when you're in the company of friends.

Discover Our Programs:

Photography In Focus Course

LPC's signature online program, designed to take you from photography ZERO to photography HERO in 12, incredible weeks. 

  • Get hands on, with our unique and involved teaching style. Access comprehensive videos, hands-on exercises, weekly assignments and more.
  • Get connected, with your fellow students (on Zoom no distance can keep us apart). Join our weekly Zoom meetings and office hours to keep you engaged, and your questions answered.
  • Get to your goals, with our 6, perfectly designed and paced courses. From the very beginning, there's more to learn here for everyone.

Mackenzie T.


"I would highly recommend Learn Photography, and actually have to a few friends, because its so user friendly, the team is great, and it's worldwide. I can’t wait to see what my photography grows into with the help of Jana and her team."

Photography Mastery Program

LPC's Photography Mastery Program is the next step from our Photography In Focus Course.  

  • This 6 month long program allows you to focus in on YOUR talents and develop your skills to reach YOUR goals.
  • The team environment helps to ensure that you are supported, encouraged, and stay on track to the place where your confidence blooms.
  • With 6, individualized projects, 6 advanced courses AND LPC's Professional Certification assessment, this program will take you to your goals, and beyond...

Polly B.


"Every step of the way, Learn Photography Company was available to support, guide, and encourage me to the next step. I’ll never regret taking this program."

ELITE Photography Program

It's time to ACHIEVE what you are truly capable of. Our 12 month ELITE Photography Program is designed specifically for graduates of our Mastery Program

  • This program will help you to step into your photography greatness and actually achieve your goals. Want to start a business? Let's do it. Want to take TRULY exceptional photos - EVERY time? Let's do it. 
  • Over the 12 months you will complete 12 photography projects, attend 4 photography workshops AND:
  • JOIN US LIVE AND IN PERSON in a TRULY awesome location for 3 days of hands-on photography exploration!! Our September 2023 trip will be hosted in the Canadian Rocky Mountains!

Georgette M.


"I have taken other online photography courses, but I have truly learned more from your course than any other. From your concise videos, real life exercises, to your course notes, this is a completely fantastic package." 



Imagine grabbing your camera because it is fun. You feel accomplished when you take a photo because it's what you see in your mind's eye and the image does your memories justice. Your photos are noticed and admired and people start coming to you with their questions. 

Imagine being connected with other photography enthusiasts around the world. Distance no longer matters, because you have found a community that lifts you up, builds your confidence, and helps to remind you that you CAN do this. You are more capable, more talented, and more creative than you realize. It's time to find out just what we mean...

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However you'd like to tackle your learning experience, we have the best option for you. 

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Not enjoying your workshop or course? We'll give you your money back within the first 7 days. So take us for a test drive - you've got nothing to lose!
  • Unlimited access to our Learn Photography Community - The place where you go to feel the love, to stay engaged, to boost your confidence and to connect.
  • Incredible support. Got questions? We've got answers! Ask us anything (well, anything photography related anyway), and we'll happily help out. 
  • Flexibility to upgrade. Upgrade from our LPC Photography School to our other two guided programs and put your money to work. For every dollar you spend at the LPC Photography School you will be able to use that towards another program - up to a total of $500! 

So now it's time to get going. Check out our Programs and get to taking the photos your dreams!

Get to know us better

Meet Your Instructors

Hi! I'm Jana - I've been having fun with my camera for over 15 years. I'm Australian, living in Canada now for the past 10 years. Learn Photography Company, and Learn Photography Canada are the brainchildren of myself and my husband, James, and every photo that you see on this site are ours. Why is this important to you? Well, we want to show you what YOU can achieve - with a combination of our courses and you getting out your camera and practicing.

We have taught over 2,500 students across Canada in our in person courses, and so far, we've helped over 2,800 students with our Digital I Beginner Photography course online. We've spent 8 years learning how to do our job better, and our courses are continually improving. We truly believe everyone can learn to use their camera like a pro, and we really can't wait to be a part of your journey.

Want to learn more about us? Check out our own photography work on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wombatandjoeyphotography/

Hope to see you soon!

Jana Rohen

Owner & Instructor

Hi I'm James! I'm the founder of Learn Photography Company, and the dude you'll see talking a lot in these videos. Like my wife, Jana, I've spent 8 years in this company doing what I love. My passion is for travel photography, and we do our best to visit fun new locations (at home and abroad) as much as possible.

I truly believe that photography has the power to transform your life. Through photography we had the chance to see the world in a whole new light - and what a world it is.

We want to take you on the same journey, and help to expand your appreciation for the world around us.

It's time to learn to use your camera like a pro.

See you on the other side!

James Lam

Owner & Instructor

Hi! I'm Glynnis! I'm one of Learn Photography Company's long-standing Instructors and I've been teaching in person and online courses with the company since it started in 2012. 

My background is a professionally trained portrait photographer. I spent 4 years at University learning the intricacies of photography, and while I loved every (well almost every) moment of it, I love the classes at LPC even more. Their hands-on and interactive approach takes out so much of the guess work and has the power to teach anyone to use their camera like a pro. 

I really hope you'll come and join us as we take you on an incredible journey through this world of photography. 

Want to see more of my work? Check it out anytime on my site: glynnismutch.com

Glynnis Mutch


Hi! This is David!
David Benjatschek is a professional photographer with Windows 2 the Soul Photography.  His journey started 20 years ago when he met a beautiful woman who happened to carry a camera.  His unofficial proposal to Donna, his wife of now 18 years, was the purchase of a Nikon F65 SLR camera at London Drugs.  Since then he's had two daughters with Donna, obtained his photography diploma through S.A.I.T.,  shot family & weddings with his wife and branched out to do commercial shoots for companies like Shell Canada, Onsite Equipment & Coldfront.  

Since 2008 he has shot and created the Wowtrucks Calendar which is Canada's Big Rig Calendar celebrating the story of 13 professional truckers from coast to coast.  People and relationship are at the centre of anything David does.

So his enjoyment of teaching photography naturally comes from the joy it can bring students as they are empowered to capture beautiful images of all life's moments/people/places & things.   David brings a genuine heart to help people to the workshops he teaches and loves to make things that may seem complex become simple.

Check out more of David's work: www.davidbenjatschek.com

David Benjatschek


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