Photography In Focus

The ULTIMATE Course for photography lovers!

Our Photography In Focus Course is the most incredible course for beginner photographers, that teaches you ALL of the foundations of photography, in a fun, interactive, supportive way, so that you can reach your photography goals and take the photos you've been dreaming of. Every time.

The Course

In this 12 week program, you will be covering the 6 core and essential courses to learning photography, and feeling comfortable and confident in ANY situation. We're going to completely rock your photography world, turn it upside down, and help you to gain the knowledge and practice you need to be totally and utterly INCREDIBLE.

This course is perfectly paced and brilliantly spaced. With lots of learning, interacting, questioning and of course, practicing, the course has been balanced so that you're never alone, and only taking on the content you can manage. We believe that confidence is the key to not only creating talented photographers, but also happier people. Every day we work at building your skills, your creativity, your proficiency, AND your confidence. The transformation? You not only end up taking better photos, but you also feel more connected, calm, courageous and accomplished. Photography is one of the world's best art forms, and we can't wait to share it with you. It's time: 

Say goodbye to mediocre and hello to amazing. 

This 12 Week Course Includes...

  • 12 Weeks of Online & Zoom learning.
  • 6 FULL Photography Courses, carefully paced over the 12 weeks, teaching you ALL of the foundations of how to use your camera and how to compose and capture exceptional photographs in any situation.
  • Step-by-step instructional videos, weekly exercises, and course notes.
  • Weekly LIVE check-in sessions – Tuesdays, 6pm MST and Wednesdays, 12:00pm MST (starts Tuesday, February 15th, 2022). 
  • Weekly office hours – Thursdays 12:00pm - 1:30pm MST
  • Dedicated and supportive community.
  • 3 INCREDIBLE Bonuses designed to ENHANCE your journey.

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Are you the one?

Who is this life-changing program REALLY for...

You are a complete beginner, OR, you are using your camera, but don't truly understand what the buttons of your camera do or mean, and you can't get your camera to take the photos you SEE. 

  • You’re excited about the possibilities for what photography can add to your life. You know you have potential to be amazing, but you need help figuring out how to get there.
  • You already take beautiful photos. Sometimes. But it drives you crazy, because you can’t seem to remember how to do it again. Or maybe it’s just luck when it works out. Whatever the reason, you’re ready to leave mediocre behind and take amazing photos. Whenever, wherever and of whatever you want.  
  • You’re not sure you have this at all… Your photos are turning out blurry, too bright, too dark, too… boring. You’re trying to figure it out, but you’re just not sure that you will ever be able to take amazing photos. But you also haven’t given up 💪, and you’re ready to give it another try.
  • You may want to take your skills professional, but you're not totally sure, or you know your skills aren't quite there yet.

Photography In Focus will give you the tools, inspiration, and unparalleled support on your journey to becoming the confident and capable photographer you've always dreamed of being.

By the end of this program...

  • You will learn to take WOW photos over, and over, and over again.
  • You will be able to control your camera and use it to develop your own, unique style (that you will love).
  • You will take incredible photos of whatever your heart desires: kids, travels, families, weddings, landscapes, wildlife, long exposures and more.
  • You will find the FUN again, and love your passion like never before.
  • You will finally make friends with your Shutter Speed, Aperture & ISO.
  • You will discover a community of supportive and uplifting people who are there with you when you embrace your courage and share your work with the world.
  • You will learn ALL of the foundations of photography, from Night Photography and long exposures, to Portrait Photography, and Editing (AND SO SO SO MUCH MORE!)

But above all else,

you will discover and develop a skill and passion that will transcend time. From those unforgettable memories to those spontaneous adventures, you will learn how to capture them all with clarity and vision.

You will never miss the moment again.

"I would say go for it; best investment ever!"

"I am an amateur photographer and years ago took lessons from local photographers in my city to learn basic photography! Years went by but I was unhappy with my pictures, always wondering why they were never crisp or sharp. A chance 5 day free lessons by Learn Photography company introduced me to Jana.

Jana’s amiable persona and her knowledge tugged me to the Photography In Focus course! This is by far one of the best photography courses I have taken! I thoroughly enjoy the weekly assignments! Lessons are lucid, videos are easy to follow with great examples, [and] I love that lessons are self paced and we get to do our assignments in our own environment! It’s not like in a boring class room, stuck with just one example to deal with and we are not in a place outdoors which we are not used to! With students from various cities, we learn from each other every week as everyone has a different perspective!

If you are on the fence of taking your photography from "meh" to "WOW", this is the course! You will not regret it!

 From learning how your camera functions to composition to lighting, it’s a comprehensive course! I would say go for it; best investment ever!"

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The Modules

Over our 12 weeks together, we will be covering 6 full courses:

Module 1

Digital I - Beginner Photography

This is where we tick off the foundations so that you can pick up your camera and really get shooting with ease. Here we cover Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, the different modes of your camera (including Manual Mode), lens selection, composition and more! After this one course alone, you will be starting to see just how you can be best friends with your camera. With simple, hands on exercises you'll be taking incredible photos right away. 

Module 2

Digital II - Motion & Light

This is where we get creative, we learn how to take photos of things in motion, in motion AND in low light, and where we start to explore how LIGHT is the most important part of photography - and what we can do with it to create truly spectacular effects. Here we cover the 5 key steps to taking amazing action shots, we talk metering, exposure and what it takes to use incredibly interesting light situations to take your photos to a whole new level. In this course you'll be unleashing your creative side, and you will start to take photos you have never even dreamed of (yet!).

Module 3

Digital III - Landscapes & Travel

In this module we cover all things landscapes, from filters to panoramas, composition to wildlife, you'll finish module 3 with so many really exciting tools in your toolkit. PLUS we break down travel photography - from photographing in cities to take incredible street photos and portraits. This course will have you completely prepped for your next trip - to the mountains, seaside, city and more!

Module 4

Lightroom Photo Editing

Because it's not JUST about taking amazing photos, it's about knowing what to DO with them. We teach you the ins and outs of organizing and editing in the Adobe Lightroom CLASSIC software, one of the best in the world. And you'll finally get to see the INCREDIBLE transofrmations a little editing can do for your already beautiful photos.

Module 5

People Photography

In this module we cover all things portrait. Starting at the most important part - making people feel and look good! - we move on to posing, photographing groups, and taking incredible shots of kids. We move on to discuss how to use natural light to create different effects, and how to use a reflector to balance out interesting situations.  In this natural light portrait course you will discover how to make ANYONE and EVERYONE look beautiful.

Module 6

Night Photography

In this final module we cover all things LONG EXPOSURE. We teach you how to extend your time out so that you can capture truly unique and spectacular images - ones that make you think WOW, I DID THAT??!!! Learning how to photograph at night is one of the most important foundations for EVERY photographer and will set your world on FIRE. 

"Would I recommend the Photography in Focus Course?  Absolutely 100%!  This program is amazing.  It is in depth, detailed and super well put together.  The instructors are personable, eager to help and so encouraging.  My skills and confidence have grown by leaps and bounds.  If you want to go from taking okay pictures to amazing photographs, this is the place to be."

Judy Rissling

I joined the Course as I wish to go professional, honestly I was not expecting to learn a lot and especially in my 1st week. Wow! I got reminded very quickly how much of the basic information we forget to use. Every week I am challenged a little more and it is showing in my photography. Jana works to make sure we all are very good at the level we are at. In hindsight I am glad I am in this course as it is both challenging and can force you to step out of your comfort zone.

Catharina Clarke

"I can not speak highly enough about the PIF Course. The course material is presented in a clear and simple way that I can continue to review over and over again, but having access to Jana to answer questions weekly and help solidify the information has been the key to my learning. The feedback from both the LP team and my classmates has helped with my confidence and ability to get the shot I am trying to get. The Learn Photography team has taken me from an absolute beginner, afraid to pick up her camera, to someone who is excited each time I get to pull out my camera, take a picture and be so happy with the result. I only wish I had started sooner."  

Billie parsley-mitha

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12 Week Course Starting February 15th, 2022



12 Payments of $97.00

When you enroll, you'll get:

Photography in Focus

($2,997 Value)


  • 12 Weeks of Online & Zoom learning.
  • 6 FULL Photography Courses, carefully paced over the 12 weeks, teaching you ALL of the foundations of how to use your camera and how to compose and capture exceptional photographs in any situation.
  • Step-by-step instructional videos, weekly exercises, and course notes.
  • Weekly LIVE check-in sessions – Tuesdays, 6pm MST and Wednesdays, 12:00pm MST (starts Tuesday, February 15th, 2022).
  • Weekly office hours – Thursdays 12:00pm - 1:30pm MST
  • Dedicated and supportive community.
  • 3 INCREDIBLE Bonuses designed to ENHANCE your journey, valued at over .

Plus These Exclusive Bonuses!

Done-For-You Camera Guides &

Quick Reference Guides

($197 Value)

You will receive our nifty "Done-for-you" Camera Guides for ALL of your cameras (as in the ones you will ever own!), and for ALL of our courses. Why does this matter? Because camera manuals are the worst... PLUS, you will receive our Quick Reference Guides! These guides will help you quickly, easily and CLEARLY pull out exactly the information you NEED to actually USE your camera, whenever and wherever you are. Let us take the hard work out of it.

Lifetime Access to the program

($997 Value)

If you join our program, you are guaranteed lifetime access to to all of the modules, including any upgrades or revisions we make in the future! That means if we make a change to the program in 2023, you will be able to access that change completely FREE.

$500 Credit towards next step: photography mastery program

($500 Value)

Continue your journey long after our first 12 weeks together, with this $500 credit towards the next program, the Photography Mastery Program. This 6 month exploration of your passion, combined with 6 additional Advanced Courses and your LPC Certification Assessment is the next step on your journey. 

Plus You'll be Backed by a Risk-Free 7 Day Guarantee

Photography In Focus is the most comprehensive and creative photography course for all types of photographers beginning their journey who are excited about the possibilities and committed to investing in their passion.

Our community is uniquely comprised of the most helpful, supportive, and accepting photographers from a variety of backgrounds and specialties. At the end of the first week, you will have completed our Digital I - Beginner Photography and experienced the teaching and learning style of the course.

If you feel that it is not a fit for you, you will get a full refund. Guaranteed.

Burning Q's your fellow photographers asked
before joining the class...

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by the amount of content and work required for this course. Are you sure I can do this?

You absolutely can! Whether you're just beginning or have an idea of the basics, this course is specifically designed to teach you in a natural progression. You also have plenty of time to learn your skills and practice them. You will become a confident and capable photographer after you complete this course, and we are here to guide you through it. You'll have more support than you could ask for! We are so excited to have you.


What do I need to take this course?

You'll need...

  • A computer
  • A camera (any camera with a MANUAL mode - mirrorless or bridge cameras are fine)
  • A sense of adventure

You could use (but absolutely do not need)...

  • A tripod
  • Filters
  • A reflector

If this is total gibberish to you, don't worry! It's not necessary and we will teach you all about it.

Can I ask questions and get support outside of check-in hours?

Of course you can! Your instructor will be available via email throughout the duration of your course. If you get stuck, need advice, or are struggling with a concept, reach out to your instructor at any time.


I'm considering becoming a professional, but I'm not sure just yet... Is this the right path for me?

ABSOLUTELY! This course is the perfect way to find out if photography is the career path / side job you're looking for. The best part? Even if you decide you don't want to be a professional photographer, you will leave this class an exceptional photographer, ready to take truly beautiful photos of whatever you want, whenever you want them.

If you decide you're keep to become a pro, this Course provides you with the foundations you need to be comfortable and confident in any situation. PLUS, it leads perfectly into our Photography Mastery Program, a 6 month project-based Program designed to help you hit your photography dreams (and become a certified professional photographer if that's where you want to go!).

When does the course start?

The course kicks off on Tuesday, February 15th, 2022!

When are our live check-ins?

You'll have 2 times for check-ins each week. You can attend both, one, or neither (however, we highly recommend you attend at least one to maximize your learning potential and course value). Check-ins are currently scheduled on Tuesdays from 6pm - 7pm Mountain Time and Wednesdays from 12 - 1pm Mountain Time. These times may change depending on our students' availability, and number of students enrolled.


What & when are office hours?

Office hours are the time for you to duck in and out as you need, so that you can get your questions answered quickly! Our office hours are Thursdays from 12-1:30pm

How long will I have access to the course once I've completed it?

You will have access to the course forever! Once you complete it, you can go back at any time to review the material (whether it's tomorrow, the next year, or the next decade). 


How much time should I set aside for this course?

You should spend about 3 to 4 hours each week on your course. That includes a 1 hour live check-in, 1 hour to review content, and 1 to 2 hours of practice with your camera. Of course, you can always do more (or less, although it's not recommended) as you please!


Still "thinking about it" ?

You should give Photography in Focus a 7 day risk-free shot if you're ready to....

Give yourself the opportunity to be truly brilliant...      
(like... incredibly accomplished...)

Whether you're ready for something new and getting back into your favourite hobby, isn't it time to say yes to yourself for a change? You deserve an investment into you now.

More importantly, you're tired of putting off the things you love for obligations and stressors. There has literally never been a better time for pursuing your passion than right now.

That's why you're motivated beyond measure to invest your time and your energy into something you truly love deep in your soul that will dramatically improve your life for the better.

You can do this - it's time to show the world just how brilliant you truly are!

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12 Week Course Starting February 15th, 2022



12 Payments of $97.00

I can't wait to guide you over the next 12 weeks...

Jana is the owner of Learn Photography Company. She has been behind a camera for over 15 years, photographing her travels, photographing professionally, and more recently, photographig her family of little ones. The mother of two adorable kiddos (who you’ve seen on this site many times!), she is proud to say that all of the images you see here are hers and her husbands.

She believes that Learn Photography Company should be a safe place for beginners to explore without pressure, a place where students always feel supported, and where students can ask any and all questions they may have. She believes in providing exceptional customer service and wants every student to join the LPC family. 

Jana Rohen