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Learn Photography Company's Photography Mastery Program is our comprehensive online photography training program. 

With access to 12 world-class online courses for LIFE, you have everything you need to watch your photography skills flourish. 

Add our Certification Program to our Photography Mastery Program to obtain your LPC Photography Certification. This is a great option for photographers looking to start their own photography business, or looking for external assessment / validation on their work.

Courses Included In Our
Photography Mastery Program...

Get started with our 6 FOUNDATIONAL COURSES:

Digital I - Beginner Photography

In our Digital I beginner photography course we show you everything you need to know to use your camera in full manual mode, choose the right lens for the job, and find the right angles. Our students learn to capture breathtaking images, while having the confidence to replicate their photographs every time.

Digital II - Motion & Light

This course will also take you on an in-depth journey through the world of MOTION. Learn to slow it down, speed it up and capture everything in between - we will have you manipulating the settings on your camera like a pro. This is the perfect, and essential next step in your photography journey. You have goals, let's take you there!

Digital III - Landscapes & Travel

We will be covering a variety of compositional techniques, as well as HDR, panoramas and the use of filters. Learn how to use your camera to take spectacular landscape and travel photographs. Hands on and in amazing locations - it's what we're all about and this course takes it to the next level.

People Photography

This course will have you learning the intricacies of posing, communicating and managing light to take spectacular portraits. From individuals to groups, we will have you organizing incredible photo shoots.

Night Photography

Our simple process will have you mastering all forms of low light photography, from sunsets and sunrises to night scenes. We will cover the use of tripods, shutter releases and flash at night to demystify this beautiful photography medium.

Lightroom Photo Editing

Our course is designed to start at the very beginning and is perfect for those of you with a little, or zero Lightroom experience. Our Instructors will walk you through the photo-editing process, from import to organizing and editing and finally to exporting. This is a must-have course for anyone looking to enjoy photography.

Then take it to the next level with our 6 ADVANCED COURSES:

Flash & Indoor Photography

This course is an ESSENTIAL course to add to your repertoire of photography skills, and will establish your skills in challenging lighting situations. We will teach you how to master the use of natural light and how to subtly and elegantly incorporate external lighting sources to enhance your photos without destroying ambiance. We will talk equipment and get you set up with a list of everything you will need (without breaking the bank!) to create your own spectacular indoor portrait photos.

Lightroom II

This course is designed for our students who have taken our Lightroom Photo-Editing course and are looking for more! We will teach you even more organizing techniques as well as some incredible editing tips and tricks that will save you time and help with editing your photos.

Macro Photography

Would you like to experience an intriguing world of photography? Try our Macro photography course, we delve into the inner world of flowers, weeds, leaves, insects and water from a unique and exciting perspective. There’s a reason macro photography is one of the most popular forms of photography. It can be done anywhere, its fun and rewarding.

Astro Photography

The night sky is already a sight to behold. Few things are so wondrous and unexplained as the Universe. It seems that way with Astro Photography as well. Let us help you demystify shooting the night sky and join us for this incredible excursion.

Business Skills For Photographers

Learn the important skills of photography that you can translate into business. Enough pining for free images that mean nothing to you or your company - take pictures of what MATTERS and represent your business better. Let us show you how!

Intro To Wedding Photography

It's love at first flash! Learn how to become an incredible wedding photographer and capture those unforgettable moments for your unforgettable happy couples!

Top it off with our OPTIONAl LPC Certification Assessment Add-ON!

"Photography has brought me a sense of accomplishment and true happiness..."

Lena S.


I have been finding that photography has truly been bringing me joy, and even this past weekend when I wasn't feeling very inspired, I went out with the camera and a fresh set of eyes and found beauty in small things!

I really enjoyed the content, the pace of it, and the balance of online learning and instruction at the weekly Zoom meetings. Thank you for the intro to this new hobby!

"Learn Photography's approach is truly unique..."

Henning M.


Learn Photography Canada's approach is truly unique. By learning about technology and techniques as we took pictures I was able to see the results, get feedback from the instructors and immediately become a better photographer. The experience was all around great; from the locations we went to, to the quality of the instructors (they know pretty much every camera model out there and how to get the most out of it). Great value for my time and the money spent on the course!