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Photography Mastery Program

Your Launchpad for Photography Mastery

The Photography Mastery Program

Learn Photography Company's Photography Mastery Program is the next level in photography excellence, and is designed to follow on from the Photography In Focus Course. Over 6 months, students will refine and develop their own style, and step into their photography dreams. From business development, to excelling at photography for personal reasons, every student who enters this program has photography dreams. 

And we're here to help reach them.

Image by Judy Rissling, Current PMP Student

What's included

The Photography Mastery Program runs over 6 months, and includes 3 key components:


Each month, students will design and complete a project, for a total of 6 projects over the 6 months.

These projects are tailored to each student to help them reach their specific photography goals.

Projects may include: design a website, produce 10 images of black & white Macro photography, set up and photograph a family photo shoot, produce 10 images of stormy weather etc. 


Students will also have access to the following, 6 self-guided online courses. Access is for life, and the courses can be completed at any time, even outside of the duration of the course: 

Macro Photography

Astro Photography

Lightroom II

Flash & Indoor Photography

Business Skills

Intro to Wedding Photography


This program also includes the LPC Certified Photographer Assessment, the process whereby students can earn their LPC Photography Certification. This Certification process includes a 30 image portfolio submission, and successful students will receive electronic badges, a printed certificate, a listing on the LPCo website and more. 

This Certification Assessment may be completed as one of the 6 projects, during the 6 months, or may be completed at a later date.

Katharina Clarke

Current Photography Mastery Program Student

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January 24th, 2022

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Lorraine Begin 

Current Photography Mastery Program Student

Who is this Program for?

This Program is designed specifically for graduates from our Photography In Focus Course as the next step in their journey to photography mastery. 

It is designed to take the body of knowledge and skills gained in the PIF Course and transform this into true photography excellence - matched perfectly with the specific goals and dreams of the students.

We welcome students to this program who have not attended our PIF Course but have the same body of knowledge, and are looking for the next step. To find out if this is you, please reach out to us and we can schedule a time to chat!

Image by Mackenzie Timko, current PMP student

Judy Rissling

Current Photography Mastery Program Student

Program Schedule

This Program Starts on: Monday, January 24th, 2022

Advanced Courses

This program grants you access to 6 Advanced Courses that are self paced and can be completed at any time. Students are given lifetime access, and the courses are completely optional. This means that students may choose to complete the courses in a timely manner, or may choose not to complete some of the courses until a later time, or when their interests move in that direction.

Macro Photography

This course is designed to take you into the world of the extreme close-up. You will learn about the equipment, techniques, and creative tools that you can use on your way to becoming a pro Macro Photographer.

Astro Photography

This course is all about the night sky. Being so different from regular long exposure photographs, Astro photography talks all things celestial - stars, milky way, moon and more. Learn how to turn your settings upside down to capture truly incredible photos of the night sky, and learn the editing skills that go with it! 

Lightroom II

In our advanced Lightroom course we're finishing off the Lightroom picture. You will learn about the advanced editing panels available to us in Lightroom, plus we dive into more editing and organizing workflows to help you maximize your Lightroom results! 

Business Skills for Photographers

This course is perfectly designed for those students looking to head into the world of professional photography. This fantastic introductory course will help you set up your business and kick it off with some wonderful marketing tools. 

Flash & Indoor Photography

In this course, you will learn all about the incredible world of FLASH photography! We talk using external flashes, and how you can use your camera, and indoor light, to create amazing effects. 

Intro to Wedding Photography

Been asked to do a wedding? Curious about the world of wedding photography? Want to be a wedding photographer? THIS IS THE COURSE! Kick start your journey into the world of wedding photography with this amazing introductory course.

LPC Certification Assessment

LPC's Photography Mastery Program includes the opportunity to complete our LPC Certification Assessment. This assessment consists of a 30 image portfolio submission that is assessed by a team of LPC Instructors. Once successfully passed, LPC Certified Photographers receive electronic badges to use on their website, a printed certificate AND a listing on our Learn Photography Company website.

This assessment may be completed at any time. Students may choose to complete this as one of the 6 projects, or wait until a later date to submit.

Image by Lorraine Begin, LPC Certified Photographer