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Photography Mastery Program

Your launchpad to mastering your camera, refining your style, and stepping into your true photography talent.

Image by PMP Graduate, Lorraine Begin

Image by PMP Graduate, Judith Rissling

The Photography Mastery Program

Learn Photography Company's Photography Mastery Program is the next level in photography excellence, and is designed to follow on from our Photography In Focus Course. Over 6 months, students will refine and develop their own style, and step into their photography dreams. 

It's time to uplevel what you are capable of. 

The next Photography Mastery Program starts 


Over the next 6 months you will:

  • Complete 6 Photography Projects. These projects are GUIDED, and are designed to help you focus in on the elements of photography that you will need to master to move to the next level of photography competence.
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  • Have lifetime access to 6 Advanced Courses. These courses are designed to help you focus in on the more specialized areas of photography. From Macro to Astro, Flash to advanced Lightroom, you have more than enough challenge to explore here. These courses will help embed your understanding of the foundations, and give you the opportunity to challenge your creativity.
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  • Have the opportunity to complete and submit your LPC Certification Assessment. Our LPC Certification Assessment is the opportunity for all photographers to show the world their work, and competence. This Certification process includes a 30 image portfolio submission, and successful students will receive electronic badges, a printed certificate, a listing on the LPCo website and more.
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  • Attend weekly LIVE Check In Sessions with David, Jana, and the active Mastery crew. Check In Sessions are Mondays from 12 - 2pm Mountain Time and Tuesdays from 5 - 6pm Mountain Time. All sessions are recorded and shared on the closed PMP Facebook Group.
  • Receive individualized support from the LPC Team. The team is here for you when you need us. Always.


Because 6 courses, 6 months of projects, AND your LPC Photography Certification isn't enough, we're also including 3, truly fantastic bonuses just for you:


BONUS: Lightroom Workshop

Editing!!! ARGH! It's hard, it's complicated, and it's as much an art form as photography itself. This bonus is a 3 hour EDITING Workshop designed to help you figure out how to make the most of the Adobe Lightroom Classic program. We will be walking you through the foundations of editing so that you can begin hopping into Lightroom and editing with ease. 

And replays will be available after the date.


BONUS: 30 minute Tech Session with LPF Team

Got tech gremlins? That's okay! With this bonus, you will get to sit with the LPC team and get help to work through them. This session can be used for Lightroom support, camera support, or general editing help. It's your time, and we are there to help in any way we can. 


BONUS: Exclusive 20-Pack Lightroom Preset Pack

Transform your photography game and take your images to the next level with our incredible 20-Pack Lightroom Preset Pack! Designed to enhance and elevate your photos effortlessly, this bundle is a must-have for any photography enthusiast or professional.

Who is this Program for?

This Program is designed specifically for graduates from our Photography In Focus Course as the next step in their journey to photography mastery. 

It is designed to take the body of knowledge and skills gained in the PIF Course and transform this into true photography excellence - matched perfectly with the specific goals and dreams of the students.

We welcome students to this program who have not attended our PIF Course but have the same body of knowledge, and are looking for the next step. To find out if this is you, please reach out to us and we can schedule a time to chat!

Image by Mackenzie Timko, PMP Graduate

The Projects

Over the next 6 months you will be challenged to define the creativity YOU see for the world. These projects are designed to help you embed a solid understanding of the foundations, and set you on the road to being clear on your own photography style. 

It is during our Photography Mastery Program that we see the GREATEST improvement in the photography of our students. Here is where you step into your power and own your vision. 

It's time to become the Master you know (or at least think!) is inside.

month 1: Focus on Clarity

Your first month is all about using your new skills to bring out the subject of your photos in the way you see it.

This month we focus on subjects. How do we use our technical and creative skills to bring focus to our subjects - in the way that we see it in our minds eye.

month 2: advanced course #1

Welcome to month two! By this time you will be feeling more confident in your ability to capture a photo in the way you see it. 

This month, the focus is on selecting one of our Advanced courses, to complete, and practice. It's time for a new challenge.

Month 3: Creative project #1

Learning is great, but this program is about more than cramming your head full of knowledge. This knowledge is only useful if you know how to apply it. 

Enter Project #3. During this month you will choose a creative topic, such as landscape, or black & white photography, and immerse yourself in the challenge of creating something uniquely you.

Month 4: Advanced Course #2

With six Advanced Courses to choose from, month four's project is your chance to dive into a second one of these.

Choose from Macro, Astro, Flash & Indoor, Lightroom II, Weddings and Business, and spend all month exploring new skills, and putting them into practice.

Month 5: Creative project #2

With so many creative styles to choose from, you will be begging for another Creative Project to give you the opportunity to explore a new avenue of expressing yourself.

Month 6: Develop your style

Month six is the most unique of the Photography Mastery Project months. During Month six, you will be completing a 30 day "find your style" Challenge.

This Challenge has been designed specifically to help guide our Photography Mastery Students through a series of simple daily exercises - the point? To help you figure out and refine YOUR style. By the end of this Challenge you will have a far clearer understanding of what style of photography YOURS is, and be ready to head to the ELITE program.

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This program grants you access to 6 Advanced Courses that are self paced and can be completed at any time. Students are given lifetime access, and the courses are completely optional. This means that students may choose to complete the courses in a timely manner, or may choose not to complete some of the courses until a later time, or when their interests move in that direction.


This course is designed to take you into the world of the extreme close-up. You will learn about the equipment, techniques, and creative tools that you can use on your way to becoming a pro Macro Photographer.


This course is all about the night sky. Being so different from regular long exposure photographs, Astro photography talks all things celestial - stars, milky way, moon and more. Learn how to turn your settings upside down to capture truly incredible photos of the night sky, and learn the editing skills that go with it! 


In our advanced Lightroom course we're finishing off the Lightroom picture. You will learn about the advanced editing panels available to us in Lightroom, plus we dive into more editing and organizing workflows to help you maximize your Lightroom results! 


In this course, you will learn all about the incredible world of FLASH photography! We talk using external flashes, and how you can use your camera, and indoor light, to create amazing effects. 


This course is perfectly designed for those students looking to head into the world of professional photography. This fantastic introductory course will help you set up your business and kick it off with some wonderful marketing tools. 


Been asked to do a wedding? Curious about the world of wedding photography? Want to be a wedding photographer? THIS IS THE COURSE! Kick start your journey into the world of wedding photography with this amazing introductory course.

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LPC Certification Assessment

LPC's Photography Mastery Program includes the opportunity to complete our LPC Certification Assessment. This assessment consists of a 30 image portfolio submission that is assessed by a team of LPC Instructors. Once successfully passed, LPC Certified Photographers receive electronic badges to use on their website, a printed certificate AND a listing on our Learn Photography Company website.

This assessment may be completed at any time. Students may choose to complete this as one of the 6 projects, or wait until a later date to submit.

Image by Lorraine Begin, LPC Certified Photographer