Photography In Focus

the most incredible course for beginner to intermediate photographers, that teaches you how to actually USE that beautiful camera of yours to take the photos you've been dreaming of.

Photography In Focus: Success Stories

The REAL LIFE Reasons You Should GET ON BOARD

Reshma S.

I am an amateur photographer and, years ago, I took lessons from local photographers in my city to learn basic Photography! Years went by but I was unhappy with my pictures, always wondering why they were never crisp or sharp. The 5 day free lessons by Learn Photography Company introduced me to Jana. Jana’s amiable persona and her knowledge tugged me to the Photography In Focus course! This is by far one of the best photography courses I have ever taken! I thoroughly enjoy the weekly assignments! Lessons are lucid, videos are easy to follow with great examples! I love that lessons are self paced and we get to do our assignments in our own environment! It’s not like in a boring class room stuck with just one example to deal with and we are not in a place outdoors which we are not used to! With students from various cities, we learn from each other every week as everyone has a different perspective! If you are on the fence of taking your photography from Meh to Wow this is the course! You will not regret it ! From learning how your camera functions to composition to lighting, it’s a comprehensive Course! I would say go for it; best investment ever ! 

Mackenzie T.

The Masterclass with Jana and the Learn Photography team has made me step outside my comfort zone and allowed me to expand my photography knowledge. The practice is all self taught in a way but with the weekly check-ins I feel like my skills have grown a lot more than if I was doing it completely alone. The ‘homework’ has me trying things I never thought I would, and its really pushed my development. I would highly recommend Learn Photography, and actually have to a few friends, because its so user friendly, the team is great, and it's worldwide. I can’t wait to see what my photography grows into with the help of Jana and her team.

Billie P.

I can not speak highly enough about the PIF Masterclass course. The course material is presented in a clear and simple way that I can continue to review it over and over again, but having access to Jana to answer questions weekly and help solidify the information has been the key to my learning. The feedback from both the LP team and my classmates has helped with my confidence and ability to get the shot I am trying to get. The Learn Photography team has taken me from an absolute beginner, afraid to pick up her camera, to someone who is excited each time I get to pull out my camera, take a picture and be so happy with the result. I only wish I had started sooner.

Miriam W.

I can't begin to express not only how much I am enjoying these masterclasses but also how much I am learning.  Yes, it's hands-on!  Yes, the exercises are easy to get done on your own!  Yes, you get easy access to get your questions answered quickly!  But I think one of my favourite parts are the small focus groups which give you a great opportunity to meet others all across the country but also to support and encourage one another too.  If you don't understand or grasp something the first time, no problem.  Just rewind and try it again!  Not sure how to find something on your particular model of camera?  There's a guide on the main page specifically for your camera!  There's always the Zoom check-ins twice a week too.  You are not the only one with the same question, I can guarantee it.  What are you waiting for????  Sign up and expand your photography know-how now!!!

Ken B.

I am presently enrolled In Jana's Masterclass [Ken has now completed his course] and have really enjoyed it. I thought I knew everything about photography but have picked up so much and we are not even halfway through the course. The pace is excellent and both Jana and her husband have done a great job communicating the skills to be an excellent photographer. The assignments are enjoyable and it is a great feeling to get feedback on your photos. I would definitely recommend this course for anyone wanting to learn everything about photography or just brush up on skills you may have forgotten. Bravo!

Lorraine B.

Learn Photography Canada is an amazing company that offers great courses.
I am taking their Masterclass course at this time and I am so happy I decided to take it to continue to improve my photography. I have learned a lot.
The Team at LPC are always there to help you to answer any questions you may have and to make you a better photographer.
Anyone that loves photography and is looking to improve their skills, I really recommend their Masterclass course.

Judy R.

Would I recommend the Photography in Focus masterclass? Absolutely 💯%! This program is amazing. It is indepth, detailed and super well put together. The instructors are personable, eager to help and so encouraging. My skills and confidence have grown by leaps and bounds. If you want to go from taking okay pictures to amazing photographs, this is the place to be.

Nancy M.

I joined PIF Masterclass with some trepidation. I am a beginner photographer and everything was new to me. Now, barely halfway through, I don’t feel like a beginner anymore. I know how to use my camera, I know how to compose a successful shot and I have the confidence to do both. This class lit me on fire for photography. I can’t wait to start each new week’s lessons. Picking up my camera has become a joy. The natural enthusiasm that Jana and James show for the subject, and the deep knowledge they have has given me a new passion for photography that will continue long after the course is done. Thanks Jana and James.

Lena S.

I've really enjoyed the Photography in Focus: Masterclass! I really appreciate the two check-ins as sometimes I can't make the first one, so it's nice and flexible with my schedule. My favorite part is how welcoming the group is, and seeing everyone's weekly photo exercises is really motivating and helps me get out and take more photos! Jana is very helpful in the Zoom meetings, and even though some of the content is content I have taken in other Learn Photography courses, I always learn something new because there are new perspectives and new questions asked with each group. My biggest takeaway is the inspiration I get from seeing everyone's weekly photos. Having a lot of fun with the course!

Catharina C.

I joined the Masterclass as I wish to go professional, honestly I was not expecting to learn a lot and especially in my 1st week. Wow! I got reminded very quickly how much of the basic information we forget to use. Every week I am challenged a little more and it is showing in my photography. Jana works to make sure we all are very good at the level we are at. In hindsight I am glad I am in this course as it is both challenging and can force you to step out of your comfort zone. Only at week 5 and so looking forward to the upcoming weeks.

Heidi H.

What can I say about Photography In Focus except WOW!!! I signed up for this masterclass as a beginner. I knew how to take the lens cover off and take a picture but that's about it. Jana, James and the rest of the team at Learn Photography Company made it so easy to learn. They explain things clearly and concisely and encourage you through every step. I cannot say enough about these amazing people and the courses they teach. I learned so much and can't wait to learn more.

Thanks for everything!!!!

*We're just waiting on Heidi's photos!*

Polly B.

Wow! The last 12 weeks have been amazing. (That’s an understatement!) I have progressed from being a total “point, shoot, and pray for the best” photographer to being on my way to becoming confident in getting the shot I wanted. I’ve always believed that to reach a goal without wasting time and effort, I must surround myself with experts. I hit the jackpot when I joined this group. I have learned an enormous amount from how a camera works to many types of photography, composition, and editing. Every step of the way, Learn Photography Company was available to support, guide, and encourage me to the next step. I’ll never regret taking this program.

Georgette M.

I would highly recommend your Photography In Focus class to anyone.
When I began this course I was stuck on the “Auto” mode of my camera, unhappy with my results most of the time, thinking, I should be getting better photos out of this camera. I am happy to say now after 12 weeks that I have a sound foundation, understanding of how to use my camera settings and the quality of my photos have greatly improved.
I was drawn to your Photography In Focus course because of Jana’s enthusiasm, motivation and passion for photography. I have taken other online photography courses, but I have truly learned more from your course than any other. From your concise videos, real life exercises, to your course notes, this is a completely fantastic package. I found your “Live Checkins” and “Office Hours” to be invaluable, and sets your program apart from others. Your team of instructors and the Facebook Group have given me such confidence in my abilities.

Kristie K.

I was sitting and scrolling through my facebook ads and saw the Learn Photography Company PIF Masterclass advertisement and thought 'Well now is the time to get off the couch and try to make my aspiring photographer hopes a reality. I should learn the real guts of my camera and define which path I am going to take in photography. From day 1 of this 12 week course, Jana had encouraged and pushed me with infectious charisma that I am THAT good and only getting better at the skills I was learning through her courses. The community with other photographers of all skills and levels through weekly virtual meetings and check-ins helped to keep me on track. The weekly layout of tutorials were broken up in such a way that it was not overwhelming and still held me accountable for homework assignments on a weekly basis. I am now being asked by family members and friends to take family portraits, birthday portraits, senior portraits, couples portraits. My friends through social media are eagerly awaiting my posted photos and say they bring them such joy and happiness. All I needed was a gentle push and confidence in my skills and I can see the start of my photography business in the near future. Jana and her team are the cheerleaders I needed to make my vision through photography come true. I am looking forward to a continued relationship and more classes taught through Learn Photography Company to come. Just do it! I did and am loving every minute of it!

Connie W.

LPC has given me a gift that I will treasure forever! I can now confidently pick up my camera and capture the moments I want. Jana and her team have put together easy to follow classes that break things down so even the greenest of photographers will be able to learn. The Photography in Focus Masterclass combined several of those classes in a fantastic 12 week program that takes you to the next level. The best part is they are always there offering encouragement and providing extra support as needed. If you are passionate about photography, this is the team you will want to work with.

Gail D.

If you are interested in capturing beautiful photos and understanding how to use your camera, you are in the correct place.

I came across the 5-day challenge accidentally on Facebook. The teaching style and methods were exactly what I needed to take out my Canon Rebel T3 that had been sitting in my closet for 6 years. I just did not know how to use it. I tried teaching myself by reading books and taking local classes. Still confused, I just resorted to my iPhone camera to take pictures. What I needed was a professional. A knowledgeable, experienced teacher to show me the ropes of photography and I found it through “ The Learn Photography Company”

Well, let me tell you, this on-line class has more than exceeded my expectations! I have learned more about photography in 12 weeks, including aspects of photography that I have never even heard of. My creativity has taken off and I have found joy in taking photos more than I ever anticipated. Why? Because I now understand my camera and how to capture time, the way I want show it in my photos.

For my portrait assignment, I photographed my niece. The photos came out so well she asked me to be her wedding photographer. Yes, they were that good. Why? Because I know how to use my camera. I understand about depth of field, focal length, camera lenses, composition, and light. I never thought I would have learned night photography-including light painting, zoom lines, photographing lightning strikes, and fireworks.

The weekly video lectures, twice a week group zoom check-ins, assigned small group meetings, and one-on-one help during scheduled office hours, sets this course apart from any other photography class out there. You do not need an expensive camera to take great photos or to take this class. My camera is six years old and no one in our class had the same camera. We shared our homework assignments on a closed Facebook site and collaborated with each other. The zoom check-ins were posted in the closed group so if you are unable to attend you had the ability to watch it at a later time. When I had a question all I had to do was communicate via Email or messenger. The course is set up similar to taking an on-line semester college class.

Jana spent an hour and a half with me one day fixing my computer issues I had with Lightroom. She is knowledgeable, dedicated and passionate about teaching photography.

Thank you Jana for your patience and for everything you have taught me.

Linda M.

I grew up watching my dad take pictures all the time and then combining these gorgeous photos (usually slides) with music and creating a slideshow that always received oohs and ahs. I always wanted to walk in his footsteps, but my pictures never came out so great. And then the pandemic and being on Facebook and saw a post about this class. I've seen many for photography classes, but there was something about this one. Yes, it's a big price tag, but now I'm on this side of the class and I can say it was well worth it. Some key things for me were that I could use the equipment I already had; take my time and really enjoy the process; think about the picture I want rather than just snap a photo. I love being able to go back and review the classes and be reminded that I am creating photos that I want/like. The camaraderie amongst the cohort was (and continues to be) so helpful in developing the confidence in my own abilities. A very important reminder throughout the class is to practice, practice, practice!  And that continues each and every time I pull out my camera. Am I an expert? Not hardly! Do I enjoy it? Absolutely!! And I can envision my dad nodding his head in approval.

Thank you, Jana, for this class; your encouragement; and willingness to help!

Dave H.

I can’t say enough about Jana and the Learn Photography Company, my confidence, skills and enjoyment in photography has grown by leaps and bounds. I originally took the 12 week “Photography In Focus” which took me from a relative beginner taking okay pictures in manual mode to making the camera work for me and taking beautiful pictures that I’m proud to share with everyone. The modules are easy to follow and understand, and if I had any questions Jana was always ready to help either at the weekly check-in, office hours or just with a quick email. Because of my positive experience in the “Photography In Focus” I’ve enrolled in the “Photography Mastery Program” and I’m so excited to see where my photography journey will take me next. Thanks Jana and the Learn Photography Company.

Paula L.

I purchased a kit camera only because I wanted to take photos of the babies at our child care center. While surfing the net, I came upon The Learn Photography 5 day challenge. I was a little hesitiatant about taking the challenge, but I thought what can I loose, at least I will know how to turn my camera off and on Lol. After the challenge,  I felt compelled to enroll in Jana’s class.  Within days literally, I was learning and doing more than I could have ever imaged. The Photography In Focus class has helped me to build my confidence in who I am as a photographer and has given me skills to last a lifetime. Thank Jana, you are an amazing instructor

Cherie H.

I am so glad I joined the Photography In Focus Course!  I have always loved photography and tinkered with it in my younger days.  However, life got in the way and I never got around to pursuing it.  Fast forward to many years later… I was retired and looking for something that would allow me flexibility as well as a career I could enjoy.  Enter Learn Photography Company and the Photography In Focus Course!  At first I was unsure how it would go being a online course, but after getting started I realized that Jana, James and the rest of the team were always there to answer any questions.  This team is so positive, you cannot help but be successful with them behind you.  My photography has improved tremendously throughout this course and I can’t wait to see what the future holds, but I know I owe it all to Jana and her team!

Stacy R.

I have loved photography most of my life. However, I didn't start trying to get an actual education about it until a few years ago when I began taking online courses. I have learned some things through these online courses, but not enough to ever feel confident. I would take dozens of pictures to simply capture almost what I wanted. I have often used the saying "even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes!" in reference to my photography. Then, In May of 2021 I accidently stumbled upon Learn Photography Company Canada's 5 day challenge The title was Unleash the Photographer Within!. It was free, so what could it hurt, and it promised to be interactive and positive. So, I signed right up. Those 5 days were so much fun!

These 5 days were just a taste of the PIF Master Class. It isn't like any other class I have ever taken. I love the videos. They are very concise and informative, but it doesn't stop there. The check in times answered questions I didn't even know I had by listening to the questions that others were having, I gained knowledge from others and I loved the fact that Jana gave us feedback during the whole process. The whole team of instructors at LPC breaks down the information to make it really click, but the amazing thing is you can watch it over and over until you get it. I love the fact that you have lifetime access to the information. But it doesn't even stop at the check-ins. Jana has office hours once a week in case you have other questions you need answered, and then she is even reachable through the group or email if you still need something. You are never alone. I highly suggest getting to know your cohort members by the time your 12 weeks are up as they become some very dear friends.

The thing I gained the most from this course is confidence. I now know that I can go out and capture the photo I am trying to capture within just a couple of tries, if not on the first try. If you are on the fence about taking this course, just do it. Invest in yourself. You will not regret it. It has been one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I don't feel like a blind squirrel any longer.

Katrina W.

I bought my 1st DSLR over 10 years ago. I love photography however never could understand how to use anything other than the presets. I would occasionally take some awesome pictures never knowing what made them amazing until I took LPC’s PIF course and that course launched my photography journey.

During the 10 years after buying my DSLR I searched for guidance through other company’s offering their knowledge, they never fit “me”. I was frustrated still going back to using presets on my camera, still in the dark as to what I was doing. One day I was looking at my FB page and I’m sure you know once you search for something you get bombarded with advertising from every company near and far. Jana’s company was offering a free 5-day photography challenge! Sign me up what can I loose it’s free, and now I’m well into my photography journey with Learn Photography Company and thoroughly enjoying myself.

LPC offers a safe place to land with your photography.

After the 5-challenge Jana asked, with heartfelt enthusiasm “who wants to join me” in 12 week course that will put you on a journey in which you won’t ever want to put that camera back on the shelf, most of that was my interpretation however I believe that’s what Jana was saying. You see, Jana and the people with LPC want that for you!

Photography In Focus is a 12 week course designed with every level of photography in mind, from, I can only take photos in Auto mode to yes I have knowledge about my camera and Photography. This is true because the company is always available to help with questions and your struggles, most of all they are there to celebrate your wins. Jana and the company are always available to support your journey. LPC is all about fun!                              

If you're ready for a photography journey where the courses are yours forever to review, instructors that are available and the language is simple for the newbies and flexible for people more advanced. The chat rooms are always a safe place to land and keep in touch with like minded course mates. A place where you are always learning & making connections then get on board you won’t be disappointed.

From a thoroughly happy graduate of Photography In Focus!

Lynne S.

I could not be happier with the Photography In Focus course.  I have been using my camera for almost two years but really had no idea how to use it other than the basics.  These courses are so well organized and have given me so much information every week.  I can’t wait for each week’s lessons to come out.  My photos are coming out so much better right from the camera.  I am so inspired to keep learning all because of Jana and these courses.  If you have a question or need something clarified you will have the answer right away.  

I have tried other online courses and have been very disappointed but this one, Photography In Focus,  is the course to do.  After the first five day free challenge I knew this was the right one for me.  The flexibility of check ins and the support of others in the class has been amazing.  I love being challenged each week and being part of this amazing group.  

I can’t say thank you enough for helping me continue my photography journey. 

Susanne R.

This photography course has been a breath of fresh air for me. 

The course is very interactive and when questions arise, there are a number of options to ask for help. From communicating with Jana directly, to submitting a question on the Facebook group, zoom meetings or the office hour zooms, I feel connected and not alone.

I have had so much fun so far and can hardly believe that I have been shooting in manual mode, even after the first week. This course has opened my eyes to the many creative things we can do with our photos, when we know how to use our camera and some editing tools.

Best course ever!

Beth S.

As a photography enthusiast I’ve been aware of pictures and captions at every scrolling chance I get on Facebook. One day I came across a photo challenge posted by Learning Photography Company. The invite was very casual pleasant and fun! It drew me to answer that challenge. I am so glad I did because from that point on my camera that was sitting in my camera bag never had a moment of rest!

Joining this class was the best treat that I have given myself! I am learning more about my camera and more about photography! All the modules are really easy to follow and fun to listen to! I honed my skills with the help of Jana- she’s that person who will encourage you to keep shooting no matter what!

Thank you so much for believing in me and pushing me to see my potential!!! More power to you Jana !!! 500 stars!!! 

Helen D.

Jana’s teaching is straight forward and fun. One class builds on the previous one. So Jana’s approach has filled in so many gaps in my skills. Just a series of videos? No, so much more. Jana makes herself available on a weekly Zoom class and during a weekly hour and a half Zoom office hour session. Plus we can contact her via the course’s private Facebook page or directly via email. One word for our instructor? A gem!

Karen C.

Hi my name is Karen and I got my first camera at the age of 10. I still love photography after all these years. I watched a lot of free one hour online previews and they were all the same. I already knew what they were showing me until I took Jana’s 5 day photography challenge and I was hooked.

So I signed up for the Learn Photography, Photography In Focus Course. It’s a wonderful and informative class and I highly recommend it. She a wonderful and funny woman to learn from. There’s always something new to learn and she’s covers everything you need to set you on the road to succeed. As I’ve said I highly recommend this class. 

Cathy F.

I have enjoyed photography as a hobby for several years now.  During the pandemic I got a little more serious about it - wandering in the woods & snapping pictures is very therapeutic! 

Facebook pointed out a five day challenge in January.  At the time it just looked like something that would be fun & maybe provide some inspiration.  The challenge was fun & the people were great.   What I got out of those five days was greater than anything I expected!

I had tried other online courses in the past so I was a little unsure. Most of the other courses provided a video but nothing that helped connect the dots between the video & actual practice.  Based on that experience with the challenge I decided to take the plunge & join the Learn Photography community - specifically “Photography in Focus”.   

Thankfully this course is nothing like the others! Everything is presented in an easily digestible way.  There are breaks, built into the lesson, encouraging you to get out & try what you’ve just learned.  Assignments accompany each lesson, some more challenging than others - but all are fun! I am only on week 6 & I can’t believe how much I have learned!

That sounds pretty great right?! I didn’t even tell you the best part yet!  The best part by far is the community that is built through this course.  Jana is incredibly helpful & encouraging.  Her energy is contagious & I believe is the source of the positive vibe that flows through the group.  The meetings, office hours & Facebook group have become a part of my weekly routine.  The people who I have met through this course are amazing & I hope to stay in touch with them long after the course is over. 

When the course started I was very worried about having time for this.   I have 3 kids & have a very demanding job - there are some weeks where I don’t know which way is up.  The structure of this class allows me to get 10 minutes in here & there …. And ya know what … if I fall behind it’s ok! The classes are always available to me, if I need help Jana is there & if I need support there is a whole group behind me.

I am SO thankful that Facebook pointed me to that challenge & that I decided to take the plunge for the course! 

Sandy F.

I would like to say How much I enjoy and am inspired by the Photography In Focus Course. This is a fantastic course for newcomers and anyone wanting to learn “and really learn” about photography.  Jana is the best, she encourages you personally all the way.

Everything is so exciting --- I cannot wait for the next section to start.  Just so pleased I took this course and encourage anyone who desires to learn photography to take the leap. I did.

Tung N.

I am an amateur photographer who has been dabbling with photography for several years, learning by myself from just taking photos, from other photographers and YouTube videos. This year I decided to make a jump to properly learn the fundamentals and tools of photography, and I was fortunate enough to come across Jana's Photography in Focus program.

The program is packed with 12 weeks of instructions covering from the fundamentals of photography like how a camera works, the exposure triangle and compositional tools, to the specific genres of photography like landscape, street, wildlife and portrait. Everything is structured very logically and explained in a way that makes sense for beginners and professionals alike.

The best value comes from Jana's personal guidance through check-in meetings and office hours, as well as her fun and engaging way of teaching. I can say with confidence that the knowledge, experience and guidance one gets from following the Photography in Focus program is well worth the investment.

Susan A.

I am only 5 weeks into the Photography In Focus Class and I feel like I have already learned so much!  I am finally comfortable taking my camera off of auto. I have learned so much about my camera and about composition.  I know I still have so much to learn but I am so excited about the journey.  

Jana makes it so much fun and the course is so easy to follow.  If you have questions, she and the rest of the group are there to answer them and are always full of support.

I am so glad I enrolled in the course and so excited about the weeks to follow!

Brenda O.

Signing up for Photography In Focus was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Like a lot of people, I had taken photography classes in the past. And while I did learn a little here and there, I was always left feeling somewhat disappointed. I wasn’t sure what to expect from PIF but it was apparent almost immediately that it was unlike any course I’d ever taken.

PIF is not just a photography course. It’s an extraordinary experience that allows you to truly embrace your love of photography and to learn how to take the kind of pictures you’ve always dreamed of. And it all starts with Jana Rohen. Not only is she an amazing photographer, she is a kind, patient and caring teacher. From the moment you meet her, Jana is completely and genuinely invested in you as a person and as a photographer. Your success becomes her personal mission, and she will do everything in her power to make sure you achieve your goals, whatever they may be. 

The course itself is very user friendly. There are easy to follow instructional videos, weekly assignments that allow you to put theory into practice and weekly check ins during which you can ask questions, get personal help and receive personal feedback from the instructors.

I began the PIF course as someone who could take pictures. I finished the course feeling like I had the skills and at least a greater understanding of how to create beautiful images, beautiful moments in time that I am proud to share with the world. And I owe it all to Jana and her team. I would encourage anyone reading this to take the next step and invest in yourself. Become the photographer you’ve always wanted to be.

The entire experience is truly priceless.