The Photography Program for those ready to enter the world of the Elite. 

The 6 month long photography program designed to help you elevate your photography, connect in person with your fellow photographers, and become "Elite" YOUR WAY. 

The ELITE Photography Program

Learn Photography Company's ELITE Photography Program is the final tier of photography excellence, and is designed to follow on from our Photography Mastery Program.. Over 6 months, students will continue to refine and polish their skills, and will build their vision for photography into their lives - be that as a professional photographer, or as a hobbyist.

It's time to achieve what you are capable of. 

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Over the next 6 months you will:

  • Complete 6 Photography Projects. These projects are GUIDED, and are designed to help you focus in on the elements of photography that are essential to master at this phase of your photography journey.
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  • Have access to two, 3 hour workshops with LPC Team. These workshops are designed to focus in on the more creative and personalized elements of photography and will help to guide students to creating their own specific photography style. These workshops will also assist students to step into their photographer lives - helping to identify areas for business growth, or areas to grow the sharing and showcasing of their photography personally. Whatever your journey, these workshops are key to helping you on your way.
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  • Be able to attend our 3 day, in person photography workshop/tour each year! [OPTIONAL] These photography tours will be held in different locations each year. Included in your ELITE program fees are the admission fee to the workshop, as well as three days of accommodation (based on twin share). Travel to the event is not covered, but travel during the event is included in your fees. This event is your chance to connect, IN PERSON with the Learn Photography Community and is a fantastic way to create lasting friendships, and learn on-site skills from your Instructors. The next in person photography tour will be held in: September 2023, in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.
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  • Attend weekly LIVE Check In Sessions with LPC Team. The ELITE Check In Session will take place weekly on Tuesdays, between 12 and 1pm Mountain Time, and once per month on Tuesdays from 4 - 5pm Mountain Time. All sessions are recorded and shared on the closed Elite Facebook Group.
  • Receive individualized support from the LPC team. The team is here for you when you need us. Always.



These are exclusive, limited time bonuses for this specific cohort of ELITE students.

You will ALSO receive: 

  • 2 x 1 hour one-to-one Zoom sessions with an instructor. One session will be related specifically to helping you reach your goals as a photographer. This session may be used to discuss business goals, or how to develop and share your own style as a photographer. The second session is related specifically to tech related issues. These sessions are designed to help YOU on YOUR WAY, and meet you where you are at. These may be scheduled at your convenience. 
  • BONUS Find Your Style 30 Day Challenge. In June of 2023, Jana will be hosting a 30 Day FIND YOUR STYLE Challenge! Discover your own unique style, and get started on embracing it! 
  • Your personalized shopper. Looking to purchase new gear? Run it past Jus.  You will have exclusive access to the entire LPC team to help you choose the BEST equipment FOR YOU. We will help you distill your options, research the best fit, and give you advice on where to go to get the best deals. Get the gear you NEED (and want), with a LOT less stress this year.


Each month, ELITE students will focus on a different area of their photography skills. These projects are designed to help students reach their full potential as photographers, and begin to master their skills.

Month 1: All About Manual

In your first month, you will be challenged to spend the entire month photographing in Manual mode. While we strongly believe that photographing in Manual mode is a requirement to being an incredible photographer, Manual mode provides photographers with the greatest opportunity to recap the foundations of photography, and to focus in on your settings, and how to use them to create spectacular images. Mastering the basics is a critical first step for our Elite team. 

Month 2: Master Motion

Speed it up, slow it down, everything in between. Elite students this month will learn to master motion. With this focus, students will be able to create motion and motion effects with much greater ease, allowing them to utilize motion in their photography to create spectacular effects.

Month 3: Creative Light

Light is everything. In this month, Elite students will explore all there is to explore about LIGHT. Students will be encouraged to play with both natural and artificial light, to gain a better understanding of how to compose spectacular images using light. 

Month 4: Refining Editing

Photography is only half of the picture. In this month, students will work on their editing skills. The focus will be on editing with consistency, creating a set of images that work cohesively. This step is key to our Elite students developing their own style. 

Month 5: Creative Project 

This month Elite students are encouraged to stretch their creativity with a unique photography topic. Topics may be more straightforward, like black and white photography, or less clearly defined, such as "into the world of the tiny". These topics may be brainstormed as a group, with the ultimate goal of choosing a topic that fits the creative eye of the specific student.

Month 6: Showcase Your Style

In the final month, Elite students will be creating a set of images that perfectly reflect their style. These images may range in topics, but should create a cohesive portfolio of images to show off to the world!


Over the course of the 6 months, there will be 2 Workshops that Elite students are invited to attend. These Workshops will each be between 1 and 3 hours in length, and some will be interactive and hands-on, depending on the topic. All Workshops will be recorded for those who are unable to attend. Please note, the dates and topics are subject to change.

Workshop 1: Editing & Workflowing


In this Workshop, we will be sharing our editing processes, and helping students to develop their own editing systems. By breaking editing down into smaller components and decisions, we will assist students to create their own processes to help simplify and streamline the editing process. PLUS, we will be talking workflowing techniques to help reduce editing time.

This is a hands-on Workshop, and all students are encouraged to come with their computers and Lightroom catalogues, as there will be ample time to practice and build their own techniques.

Workshop 2: Composition & Creativity


In this Workshop, our Instructors will walk you through their processes to composing and creating incredible photos. During this session, students will be able to learn various styles of setting up, and capturing photos. This interactive session is an opportunity to ask questions, and take elements from each Instructor to add to their own toolkits. 

Place will also be reserved in this session for other Elite students to be invited to present. The team of LPC Instructors will choose specific students and ask that they share their experiences with specific topics at which they excel. This is an ideal opportunity for group learning, and will assist all students to grow their own photography skills, while helping their fellow students grow theirs.

Welcome to Canada's

Rocky Mountains

September 2023 is the month that Elite students will be meeting in person in Canada's Rocky Mountains. Over these three days, Elite students will be treated to exploring some of the best of what Canada's Rocky Mountains has to offer. Guided by LPC Instructors, this photography tour will take in some of the Rockies best sights. The ELITE program cost includes the photography tour, 3 nights of accommodation (twin share), at a premium hotel, and transportation between venues once the group has arrived in Banff, Alberta. Additional costs will apply for single accommodation, and accompanying non-photographers.

OPTION 1: Including 3 Day Event



12 payments



OPTION 2: Excluding 3 Day Event

6 payments