Photography In Focus

The ULTIMATE Masterclass for passionate photographers, looking to reach their ultimate photography dreams.

Photography In Focus is the most comprehensive and creative photography masterclass for photographers at the beginning of their journey, who are excited about the possibilities, and committed to investing in their passion.

With two streams to choose from, we welcome photographers with all interests. Our Passion stream is for photographers who want to explore their passion as a hobby or lifestyle. Our Profession stream is for photographers who want to start a photography business.  

By the end of this program, you will have...

  • Finally made your camera an extension of your hands. You can now pick your camera up, and get shooting with ease. Not only this, but you'll be taking the photos of your dreams - Just like the ones you see on Instagram.
  • A solid and unwavering understanding of the foundations of photography. And we mean ALL of the foundations. From photographing at night, to taking spectacular photos of landscapes, to capturing those everlasting moments of your friends and family, you are ready to step into your creative genius and become the photographer you know is inside.
  • Made a commitment to honour yourself and your own passions. Your journey is what matters here - not what your boss needs, or your kids are crying out for, or your spouse is demanding - this is all about YOU. Take care of your mental health, take care of your personal development and growth, and take care of your future. You're worth it. 
  • Mastery over the tool that will help you capture life's most unforgettable moments. A photograph literally lasts a lifetime. Actually, it lasts many lifetimes - not just your lifetime - but also the lifetimes of your children, their children, and (hopefully), your children's children's children (you get the idea). These moments are a look into your history that are so precious. They are unique, fleeting, and, without a doubt, worth preserving. 
  • A community of likeminded, photography loving individuals, who are also on this journey called life. Some of our students' best and most lasting friendships have come through our programs. And no, the distance is no problem.
  • Found the place you belong. The people who are honestly happy to see yet another photo of [insert object here]. They are there to celebrate your wins, help you with your problems, and connect with you when maybe you lose your passion. We're all in this together, forever.

But above all else, you will discover and develop a skill and passion that will transcend your "every day", give you the recognition you deserve, and help you see the beauty in every moment.

An LPC Alumni

"Photography has brought me a sense of accomplishment and true happiness..."

I have been finding that photography has truly been bringing me joy, and even this past weekend when I wasn't feeling very inspired, I went out with the camera and a fresh set of eyes and found beauty in small things!

I really enjoyed the content, the pace of it, and the balance of online learning and instruction at the weekly Zoom meetings. Thank you for the intro to this new hobby!


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