Emotive Photography by LPC Alumni Kristie Kennedy


November 29, 2021

EMOTIVE PHOTOGRAPHY: by Kristie Kennedy Photography

One of my all time favourite things is being inspired by my students. That moment when you sit back and think "whoa... the student becomes the master" - is one of the most satisfying moments EVER.

I'm finding this is happening more and more with our students who finish our Certification and our Photography Mastery programs. These students are the ones who just keep exploring! They keep trying new things, challenging themselves in truly unique and spectacular ways. And it REALLY PAYS OFF!

Today I wanted to share just one of these amazing transformations with Kristie's latest Mastery project. Each month, our Photography Mastery students finish a project, and for the month of November, this was hers...

WOW. Right? Just WOW!

Very, very, very cool stuff.

We hope you feel as inspired by this as we do! Don't forget to click the links to follow Kristie Kennedy Photography below this video!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kristiekennedyphotography

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kristiekphotography/

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