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Find the passion inside

Join us on our 5 Day Photography Challenge and Unleash the Photographer Within. This incredible, FREE Challenge will take you from feeling unconfident and unsure about your photography, to discovering your passion and unleashing your creativity. This Challenge is about showing you the photographer is ALREADY inside of you, you just need to let it out.

Learn to take outstanding photos AND share them with pride.

"I want to say a huge thank for this week. This challenge reminded me of why I loved photography in the first place."

- Carmen C.

"Just wanted to wrap up this awesome 5 day workshop with a great big "Thank you" to all for your love and support to all who participated.
- Katrina W.

"This challenge has allowed me to see that within me and I have gained confidence that has forever changed me for the better. I can't thank you Jana and team enough for putting this together."
- Gonzales E.



Over this amazing, interactive and hands-on experience we will be helping you to: 

  • Unleash your confidence
  • Unleash your creativity
  • Unleash your potential
  • Unleash your curiosity

and most importantly 

  • Unleash your passion.

The challenge is FREE, and the camera you have RIGHT NOW is PERFECT. Yes, you heard us - it's free, and you don't need ANYTHING other than the camera you already have. Because let's be honest - the best photos come from the photographer, not the camera.

"I am so thankful for this 5 Day Challenge. It has opened my eyes up on many things and made me want to do even more with this passion for photography. I may be just learning but one day I will be amazing. Thank you all for your kind words and support this week"
- Heidi H.

When is the challenge? 

September 13th - 17th 2021, plus our grand prize draw on the 19th.

What does it cost?

IT'S FREE! Yes, this transformative experience is 100% free.

Who is it for?

YOU! Yes, you. Even if you've barely touched a camera before - we want you to come and see what you're capable of. If you have an SLR camera that's great, if you don't, that's great. We welcome everyone.

How much time do I need to commit to this challenge?

Around 30 minutes per day for the 5 days. We're trying to keep it short and sweet, with sections you can consume in 10 minute bites WHILE STILL giving you the chance for incredible transformation. 

Are there any bonuses for coming?

Do you NEED bonuses for the chance to transform your photography? (The answer is a firm NO - seriously, it's going to be amazing just as it is).

BUT we are drawing a truly outstanding grand prize (worth over $5,500!) PLUS a daily prize draw for participants who complete each day! 

What do I need?

Your camera. Whatever it is, and whatever lenses you have. PLUS at least ZERO experience. Yes, if you've never even turned your camera on, you'll be fine. 


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Hi Friend! I'm Jana, your guide:

I've been a professional photographer for over 15 years, and I love it. Why? Well, not for the reasons you might think. I love taking fantastic photos for people, but my passion lies in a very different realm. 

I love helping people discover and embrace the incredible art form of photography. I believe everyone has a photographer inside of them, and I LOVE being part of transforming your photography, and your confidence

As the owner of Learn Photography Canada and Company, I have been lucky enough to spend the last 10 years developing my love of teaching. I've helped thousands of students reach their potential - and now it's your turn.

Join me for amazing, transformative (and free!) 5 day challenge and change not only your photography, but also your life (big statements, but I'm serious). Remember photography is about so much more than just taking a photo - it's about connecting to the world around you, transforming the way you see your life, growing your skill and knowledge as an amazing individual... It's about YOU. Let's make this journey one to remember: together.

What We cover in 5, incredible days

get started on your journey to becoming the photographer of your dreams

Day 1

Unleash your CONFIDENCE: 

Discover there are world-class photos within you already. Learn to appreciate the incredible shots you ALREADY TAKE, and keep working on THOSE shots - and the confidence that comes with them. You are only as good as you believe you are.

Day 2

Unleash your CREATIVITY:

On this day we talk about how to level up your photos using simple, and yet HIGHLY effective composition techniques that will have you taking photos like a pro. Let's add to your toolkit, and level up your skills.

Day 3

Unleash your POTENTIAL:

What you already have is good enough. The camera you have, the skills you have, the time you have, the money you have to spend - it's ALL GOOD ENOUGH. You have the photographer IN YOU already. We're going to prove it to you by walking you through recreating a spectacular photograph - step-by-step. 

Day 4

Unleash your CURIOSITY:

The best photos come from imagining what could be. The most mundane human experiences can create the most outstanding and inspiring photographs. On this day we're going to show you how you can be inspired right where you are - no magic ingredients required.

Day 5

Unleash your PASSION!!!

It's time to set your intention. If you love photography (and you will, after 4 days with us), and you love expressing your creativity (and you will, after 4 days with us), it's time to set yourself up for success. 

Show up. Play. Earn entries for life changing prizes.

We're giving away daily prizes PLUS a GRAND prize - valued at over $5,500. ALL FOR SHOWING UP AND DOING THE WORK. Which you'll do anyway, because, let's be honest here - it's FUN! Yes, you heard it here first - we're going to have 5 days of FUN. AND you go into the draw to win our GRAND Prize of our Photography In Focus Course. A 12 week, 6 course interactive program designed to take you from the beginning, to photography bliss.

All this, from a FREE, 5 Day Photography Challenge?

What have you got to lose??!!!